For every kid who grew up in the '80s, Penny Marshall’s “Big” (starring an Oscar-nominated Tom Hanks) was the ultimate guide on how to become a happy adult. Get a job at a toy company (no problem), find an apartment in Midtown Manhattan big enough to hold a giant trampoline (slam dunk), and fill it with arcade video games and toys as far as the eye can see (a joyful bit of hard work).

For anyone unlucky enough to miss it, “Big” is a magical story about a little boy named Josh who, via an automated fortune teller at a carnival (wouldn’t you know it?), wakes up in an adult’s full-grown body (Hanks). Amongst other life-lessons, Big-Josh comes to learn that being a grown-up isn’t all fun and games ... a lesson I’ve yet to learn (is it happy hour yet?).

Though a few decades have passed, “Big” is still a blast. No matter how old we get, this movie reminds us to stay young at heart.

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