Jack Nicholson is so much a part of our everyday life that he needs no last name. He’s just “Jack.” But how well do we know the man behind those black Wayfarers? Take our quiz to discover whether or not you really do know Jack.

And remember friends, no glancing at IMDB along the way!  

1. Jack was born in:

A) Los Angeles

B) New York City

C) Omaha

D) Neptune City, New Jersey

2. He was raised by:

A) A single mom

B) An aunt

C) His maternal grandparents

D) He was an orphan

3. Jack is a fan of which NBA team:

A) Indiana Pacers

B) New York Knicks

C) Dallas Mavericks 

D) Los Angeles Lakers

4. Nicholson is a collector of which style of art?

A) 20th Century

B) Cubism

C) Primitive

D) Comic Book Art

5. Which one of these movies did not earn Nicholson an Oscar nomination?

A) "Easy Rider"

B) "The Shining"

C) "About Schmidt"

D) "Reds"

6. Which actor was almost cast instead of Nicholson in "Easy Rider"?

A) Rip Torn

B) Dustin Hoffman

C) Walter Matthau

D) James Garner

7. For which 1960s pop act did Nicholson co-write a screenplay?

A) The Beatles

B) The Byrds

C) The Monkees

D) Jimi Hendrix

8. Strangest fact about Jack Nicholson:

A) He has a sixth toe on his right foot.

B) Growing up he thought his mother was his sister.

C) He is fluent in Latin.

D) He holds the California state record for the long jump in amateur track and field.

9. One of his first jobs in Hollywood was:

A) An assistant to cartoon kings William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

B) Golf caddy to Dean Martin

C) Disc jockey

D) Clerk in a surfboard shop

10. His first Best Actor Oscar nomination?

A) "The Last Detail"

B) "Five Easy Pieces"

C) "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest"

D) "Chinatown"


1: D) Jack was born in Neptune City, NJ.

2: C) Maternal grandparents

3: D) Lakers

4: A) 20th Century Art

5: B) "The Shining"

6: A) Rip Torn

7. C) The Monkees

8. B) He thought his mother was his sister.

9. A) Assistant to Hanna-Barbera

10. B) "Five Easy Pieces"


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