In the first two decades of television, many a star from Hollywood’s Golden Age found both a warm reception and a welcome paycheck on the small screen as their movie careers were waning.

This happens almost as frequently today with paid cable series enjoying immense popularity. However, it’s been even more common for actors who’ve initially broken through on television to go on to movie fame.

Here are some examples of players who’ve made the leap in at least one direction, and the film we consider their signature achievement.

From Movies to TV

Barbara Stanwyck

Signature Movie: The Lady Eve

TV Show: The Big Valley

Robert Young

Signature Movie: Crossfire

TV Show: Father Knows Best

Loretta Young

Signature Movie: The Stranger

TV Show: The Loretta Young Show

Dick Powell

Signature Movie: Murder, My Sweet

TV Show: Four Star Playhouse

Donna Reed

Signature Movie: From Here to Eternity

TV Show: The Donna Reed Show

Fred MacMurray

Signature Movie: Double Indemnity

TV Show: My Three Sons

Doris Day

Signature Movie: Pillow Talk

TV Show: The Doris Day Show

Martin Sheen

Signature Movie: Apocalypse Now

TV Show: The West Wing

Kevin Spacey

Signature Movie: American Beauty

TV Show: House of Cards

Steve Buscemi

Signature Movie: Fargo

TV Show: Boardwalk Empire

From TV to Movies

James Garner

TV Show: Maverick

Signature Movie: The Great Escape

Sally Field

TV Show: Gidget

Signature Movie: Norma Rae

Clint Eastwood

TV Show: Rawhide

Signature Movie: Unforgiven

Steve McQueen

TV Show: Wanted: Dead or Alive

Signature Movie: Bullitt

Michael Douglas

TV Show: The Streets of San Francisco

Signature Movie: Fatal Attraction

John Travolta

TV Show: Welcome Back Kotter

Signature Movie: Pulp Fiction

Bruce Willis

TV Show: Moonlighting

Signature Movie: Die Hard

Meg Ryan

TV Show: As the World Turns

Signature Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Tom Hanks

TV Show: Bosom Buddies

Signature Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Robin Williams

TV Show: Mork and Mindy

Signature Movie: Dead Poets Society

Johnny Depp

TV Show: 21 Jump Street

Signature Movie: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Helen Hunt

TV Show: Mad About You

Signature Movie: As Good as It Gets

George Clooney

TV Show: ER

Signature Movie: The Descendants

Denzel Washington

TV Show: St. Elsewhere

Signature Movie: American Gangster

Michelle Williams

TV Show: Dawson’s Creek

Signature Movie: My Week with Marilyn

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