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    Harry and Tonto

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    Harry and Tonto

    What's it About

    Harry Coombes (Carney) is a retired schoolteacher who gets evicted from his Manhattan apartment and resolves to go west with beloved cat Tonto, meeting family and friends along the way. The trip becomes a journey of discovery for Harry, helping him face his past and future with a fresh perspective.

    Why we love it

    This sensitive, touching film directed by Paul Mazursky will stimulate the tear ducts, thanks to Carney's Oscar-winning performance. He is ably supported by Larry Hagman and Ellen Burstyn (playing two of Harry's flawed offspring), as well as Chief Dan George, Sally Marr, and the inimitable Geraldine Fitzgerald as more sympathetic characters who figure in Harry's old and new life. A penetrating film of rare humanity — and a personal favorite.

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