Gary Cooper was born 113 years ago today, and while he'll always be remembered as the man who played their favorite cowboy or hero, many also recall him simply as the man with THAT FACE. (Just ask my wife!)

When he broke into the movie scene in the mid-late '20s, talking pictures were still 2-3 years away. While Coop's arresting looks and "aw shucks" manner would have guaranteed him a solid career in silents, he had a nice baritone voice that only made him more appealing when talking pictures finally arrived. So as the talkies took off, so did Coop's career.

The product of an authentic western upbringing in Montana, Coop represented something singularly American to his audience, and they loved him for it. Pair that with an understated style and a face that would force any cowgirl to stop a galloping mustang in its tracks, and you've got yourself a true Hollywood Legend who lives on in our dreams.

See for yourself:

1. Pensive

Penny for your thoughts?

2. so great with kids!

Though to be fair, Shirley Temple probably makes everyone look adorable. She just radiates adorability.


Kiss her. KISS HER!


Looking fresh!

5. Saving the day!

Just look at those smoldering eyes. 

And... BONUS. Here's Coop with Shirley Temple once more for good measure, in case you needed any more convincing.

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