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Zero Focus

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Zero Focus

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One week after their nuptials, young newlywed Teiko (Kuga) bids farewell to her handsome husband Kenichi (Nambara), an ad man departing on a short business trip. Kenichi never makes it to his destination, however. Alarmed, his associates ask Teiko for her help in locating him, and her search leads her deep into a mystery of terrifying tawdriness.

Why we love it

If you think murder, perversion and obsession are a Western specialty, have a look at Yoshitaro Nomura's "Zero Focus." This Japanese puzzler, adapted from a bestselling thriller, has a young wife departing on a sordid quest to find her missing husband. She is dogged in her personal search, and in the process learns more about the man she married than she might have wanted to know. Expertly shot and divinely twisted, the film is one of the long-overlooked gems of 1960s Japanese cinema. Suffice it to say: Hitchcock would be proud.

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