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Zero Kelvin

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Zero Kelvin

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What's it About

In the 1920s, aspiring poet-writer Henrik (Eidsvold) leaves his girlfriend Gertrude (Martens) in Norway and ventures to eastern Greenland, where he joins two men — mild-mannered scientist Holm (Sundquist) and cynical, brutish foreman Randbaek (Skarsgard) — on a fur-trapping expedition he hopes will stoke a book idea. Very quickly, the icy wilderness becomes the perilous backdrop for a war of wills and nerve between Henrik and Randbaek.

Why we love it

How many existential adventure thrillers have you seen? Set in Greenland? Moland's suspenseful picture is unusual in many ways, but its psychological twists and survivalist theme take on a harrowing aspect in the dark struggle between Henrik and his tormentor, played with malicious vigor by Skarsgard, who despises and mocks the newcomer's literary airs and affection for Gertrude. A perfect combination of man-against-the-elements tension and interpersonal warfare, "Zero Kelvin" is a suspenseful allegory about the tension between man's primitive and civilized nature. Highly recommended!

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