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With a Friend Like Harry

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With a Friend Like Harry

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What's it About

On a hellish family outing with wife Claire (Seigner) and their three daughters, Michel (Lucas) bumps into Harry (Sergi Lopez), a genial man who insists they're old school buddies, reciting some perfectly recalled sophomoric verse of Harry's to prove it. Inviting himself and girlfriend Plum (Sophie Guillemin) to the couple's ramshackle summer cottage, Harry begins to intervene in Michel's personal life, with disturbing and violent consequences. 

Why we love it

An intelligent and unsettling domestic thriller, Molls Harry turns a man's frustrated writerly ambitions and confused existence into grist for another's twisted and ultimately homicidal handiwork. The suspense hinges partly on how Harry's logic-warping speeches to Michel fuse the psychology of self-realization with psychotic rationalization. Quietly dispatching anything standing in the way of Michel's long-suppressed dreams, Lopez inhabits the role of sinister motivational expert with dark charisma. Wickedly entertaining, with a perversely humorous kick, Harry is a troubled house guest you won't mind entertaining.

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