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On the death of a parent for whom he's long cared, eccentric, set in his ways factory owner Jacobo Koller ( Pazos) expects a rare visit from his dynamic, successful younger brother Herman (Jorge Bolani). Jacobo wants to show his kid brother that he leads a normal, happy life, and so recruits loyal, spinsterish employee Marta (Pascual) to pose as his wife for the duration of the visit. Jacobo's ruse will affect all concerned in unexpected ways.

Why we love it

This subtle Uruguayan gem gives new meaning to the term deadpan comedy, but its nuanced humor, mixed with some very real human drama, makes a refreshing antidote to all the obvious, strained comedies which constantly inundate us. All three lead performances are blisteringly honest: The trio play off each other like seasoned Philharmonic musicians. A poignant, understated slice of life from directors Rebella and Stoll.

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