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    Where Eagles Dare

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    Where Eagles Dare

    What's it About

    A crack Allied team during World War II is assigned a near-suicide mission to penetrate a remote Nazi alpine fortress to free a captured General. This intricate mission is headed by British Major Jonathan Smith (Burton), supported by steely American Lieutenant Morris Schaffer (Eastwood). Though the plan is inspired, there are factors unknown to the team which will alter the course of events, forcing some highly skilled improvisation.

    Why we love it

    Master of adventure Alistair MacLean managed to write this breathlessly exciting tale in both novel and screenplay form in just six weeks, particularly impressive given the results achieved. Epic in scale, colorful and tense, "Eagles" will engage you straight through to its breathtaking conclusion. A no-nonsense Burton and Eastwood play off each other beautifully, and also look for Scottish actress Mary Ure as a fetching British agent (and Smith's old flame). A huge box-office success, this helped solidify Eastwood's position as a bankable star.

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