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What's Up Tiger Lily?

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What's Up Tiger Lily?

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What's it About

Allen, still several years away from directing his first film, concocted this inspired comic premise: take a standard Japanese secret agent movie (in plentiful supply due to the mid-60s' global Bond Mania), and re-dub the players in English with a daffy new script (written by Allen). All of a sudden, our hero's name is Phil Moscowitz, and the microfilm he seeks contains a secret recipe for egg salad!

Why we love it

Broad, wacky, and extremely funny, "What's Up Tiger Lily?" is not for everyone, but if you're in need of some divine silliness, you cannot do better. Characteristic of Woody's earlier work, not every gag works, but there are so many of them that you come out way ahead, with cheeks and stomach muscles aching. A fully justified cult classic. My favorite moment: man peeking through keyhole.