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Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald

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Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald

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What's it About

Just as the producers of a maudlin radio drama called "Woman of Destiny" are about to go live, prima donna voice actress Nokko (Toda) demands that her character's name be changed from "Ritsuko" to "Mary Jane." Not wanting to alienate his leading lady or his sponsors, feckless producer Ushijima (Nishimura) accepts the change, much to the chagrin of writer Miyako (Suzuki), a mousy housewife whose egregious script was the sole entry in a publicity contest. Soon this absurd, seemingly innocuous compromise wreaks havoc in the most unexpected ways.

Why we love it

Mitani's howlingly funny "McDonald" illustrates the principle of how a minute action can ignite a catastrophe: as script changes spiral out of control, Miyako's radio play morphs from an innocuously weepy marital drama into a risible outer-space adventure. Among a stupendous ensemble cast, Nishimura is especially good as the beleaguered, easily cowed producer who tussles with director Kudo (Toshiaki Karasawa), a young man with no illusions about the merits of his job. Mitani coordinates the on-air crises with goofy, refreshing brilliance — and with the appearance of an old sound-effects expert, adding a touch of nostalgia for the radio days of old.