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    War Dance

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    War Dance

    What's it About

    At a refugee camp in war-ravaged Uganda, three orphaned teens — Nancy, Dominic, and Rose — learn traditional song and dance at the Patongo Primary School. When they are invited to a national student-music competition held in the capital city of Kampala, the trio muster their energies and resolve to rise above the dire circumstances of their lives through jubilant creative expression.

    Why we love it

    It's a cliché to say that music is a healing force, but in this incredibly moving doc about three Ugandan war orphans on the road to self-renewal, we bear witness to the role the arts can play in transforming grief and desperation into opportunity and a cause for celebration. These kids are scarred by war, and are candid about the horrors they've experienced, but they're resilient, too. The Fines bring their unimaginably painful lives into sharp focus in "War Dance",” then follow them to the victory line.