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Visions of Light Poster
Released Runtime Category
1993 92 Documentary
Director Language
Todd McCarthy, Arnold Glassman English

Visions of Light

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What's it About

Directors of photography are the under-sung heroes of cinema, their efforts too often taking a back seat to the accomplishments of actors and directors. Paying close attention to the innovations of star film makers like Gregg Toland, Robert Alton, and Sven Nykvist, this fascinating documentary reveals the craft of these and other heavy-hitting Hollywood DPs whose use of light and talent for composing shots, lent a distinctive visual style to great movies like “Citizen Kane,” “The Godfather,” and “Sunrise.”

Why we love it

This film is a boon for motion-picture lovers and a succinct primer for anyone interested in the underappreciated art of cinematography. Summing up the achievements of cinema’s great DPs from the 1930s to the present day via interviews, clips, and loads of insightful commentary from critics and practitioners, “Light” weaves conversations with living greats like Nestor Almendros and Vittorio Storaro with examples of their most impressive work, explaining how these camera operators created unforgettable atmospheric and psychological effects. Let there be “Light.”  

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