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What's it About

With excerpts from the artist's intimate, often tortured letters to younger brother Theo set against potent imagery of Van Gogh's art and world, Director Cox aims to get inside the head of this brilliant but anti-social artist, as he struggles to keep his demons of isolation at bay. Through his most private thoughts and lamentations, we feel Vincent's struggle to continue believing in his life and work, in a society that views him and his genius with indifference, if not outright contempt.

Why we love it

Documentarian Cox's deceptively simple approach to penetrating the enigma of Vincent Van Gogh scores a direct hit. British actor Hurt's weathered but rich voice expertly conveys the artist's building anguish without our needing facial expressions to pay it off; furthermore, Cox's wildly imaginative mix of imagery which accompanies Hurt's recitations help elevate this piece well above the standard run of PBS-type documentary work. "Vincent" is an absolute must for all us art-lovers.