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    Vernon, Florida

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    Vernon, Florida

    What's it About

    Acclaimed documentarian Morris trains his eye on the oddball residents of tiny Vernon, Florida in this laid-back Southern charmer. Guileless and un-self-conscious old-timers discuss life and culture in their town; a traffic cop parked in his patrol car divulges his technique for nabbing speeders; and a passionate turkey hunter recounts every unhurried step that led him to nab three prize gobblers. Are these folks for real? Pull up a porch chair and lean in close.

    Why we love it

    Whether you laugh out loud or sit gaping at the absurd, idiosyncratic soliloquies of these endearing Vernon locals, one thing is for sure: you'll feel right at home under Morris's studiously unobtrusive observational style, which allows his subjects simply to speak for themselves. Gentle weirdness abounds throughout this eccentric little film, and the pleasure is all ours.

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