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    Under the Roofs of Paris

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    Under the Roofs of Paris

    What's it About

    Street singer Albert (Prejean) has a crush on Pola (Illery), a gorgeous gal who isn't averse to flirting with the busker and his best friend, Louis (Greville). When Albert is hauled off to a prison on erroneous charges after defending her from the advances of a gangster acquaintance (Modot), Pola hooks up with Louis, leaving love-struck Albert rather peeved when he's finally released. Can they all come to terms — the French way?

    Why we love it

    This lustrous early sound film by Rene Clair tells of a love triangle in the City of Lights, using the 1930s-era streets (and yes, rooftops) of Paris as its sublimely visual backdrop. From the swooping opening shot and shadowy nighttime fight sequence to his only occasional use of dialogue and music, Clair treats all aspects of the medium with equal respect, relying heavily on cinematographer Georges Perinal and production designer Lazare Meerson for the evocative look of his film. I've no doubt the stylish and exhilarating "Paris" will weave its love spell on you.

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