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What's it About

In a tough part of North Memphis, three high school seniors dream of playing college football: Chavis has anger issues and has already spent time in youth detention, Money’s future is at risk when he injures his knee on the field, and O.C. struggles to get the necessary grades to gain admission. Meanwhile, volunteer coach Courtney devotes his time and energy to the Manassas Tigers at the expense of his own job, wife and children.

Why we love it

You don’t need to be a football fan to cheer for this inspiring film. With complete access and up-close intimacy, the filmmakers capture the highs and lows of senior year in a school where metal detectors greet the students, and police officers patrol the football field. Courtney is the beating heart of this film; his pep talks are inspiring, his love for the players palpable. This poignant, Academy Award-winner will warm your heart. Go team!

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