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    Love in the Afternoon

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    Love in the Afternoon

    What's it About

    Frederic (Verley) is a Parisian lawyer living in the suburbs with his wife (Verley) and baby daughter. He professes to be happily married yet each day in the city he spends long lunch hours watching and fantasizing about women. One day Chloe (Zouzou), a former girlfriend of a former friend, shows up at his office. Her challenging manner and sexual directness intrigue him, and soon Frederic and Chloe are spending intimate yet chaste afternoons together. But where will it all lead?

    Why we love it

    Rohmer’s sixth entry in the “Moral Tales” cycle culminates his fascinating, engaging study of sexual mores and the male psyche. Rohmer comically juxtaposes Frederic’s bourgeois primness with Chloe’s free-spirited bohemianism, and Frederic’s fantasies of other female encounters (featuring the leads from past “Moral Tales” installments) lend additional humor and flavor. With frequent collaborator Nestor Almendros’s camera lovingly capturing the allure of Chloe and the beauty of city life, Rohmer leaves us with an involving, intriguing portrait of marriage and fidelity.

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