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Love, Gilda

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Love, Gilda

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What's it About

Gilda Radner got her start at the Second City comedy troupe in Toronto. Recruited for the original cast of Saturday Night Live, she moved to New York and became a beloved part of the show. Still the pressures of fame exacerbated an eating disorder, Later, she found happiness with actor Gene Wilder, whom she married in 1984. Broadway shows, movies and an autobiographical memoir followed but her struggles with bulimia continued. Then a cancer diagnosis in 1986 turned her life upside down.

Why we love it

D’Apolito’s first film uses extensive home video footage and Radner’s own letters and diary entries to craft a clear-eyed yet loving portrait of this gifted comedienne. Film clips of her iconic SNL characters affirm her irrepressible talent. On-stage and off, her bubbly radiance shines through despite her battle with personal demons and later, a terminal illness. Don’t miss this poignant, insightful tribute to a lady who made us laugh (a lot!) and who left us way too soon.

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