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    Travellers and Magicians

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    Travellers and Magicians

    What's it About

    Dondup (Dendup), a young, bored government official in remote Bhutan, yearns for the excitement of America. One day, he sets out from his village to find it. Unfortunately, he misses the only bus to the city and must walk. On his roadside journey, he is soon joined by a talkative monk (Kinga), an old apple seller, a father and his lovely daughter. To pass the time, the monk tells an instructive story of another young man's quest that eventually causes Dondup to reassess his own decision and direction.

    Why we love it

    Film-maker Norbu (also a revered Buddhist lama) has fashioned a gentle, lyrical film that's also wise and thought-provoking, if you can take your eyes off the lush, dazzling Bhutan scenery long enough to absorb it. Though Dondup's comical adventure stands on its own (particularly his uneasy interactions with the monk), the movie's astounding visual beauty elevates it to a whole new level. "Travelers" is eye-candy for the soul.

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