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    Treasure Island

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    Treasure Island

    What's it About

    In Disney's adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson story, we follow the fortunes of young Jim Hawkins (Driscoll), the son of a tavern owner who comes across a treasure map pinpointing the location of buried gold. He takes it to an honest local squire who agrees to outfit a ship to retrieve the treasure. A one legged man named Long John Silver (Newton) gets engaged as ship's cook, and also refers some of his own friends as crew. Jim joins the expedition as cabin boy, and befriends the garrulous Long John. But can the old buccaneer and his cronies be trusted?

    Why we love it

    Byron Haskin's definitive film version of Stevenson's salty tale stands out for Newton's glorious, scenery chewing performance as Long John, the most charming and devious cut-throat sailing the seven seas; the young Driscoll also holds his own as Jim. The Disney studio spared no expense in bringing "Treasure" to the screen again (it was previously filmed in 1934), as both production design and color photography are first-rate. To would-be pirates of all ages: all aboard for this flavorful, exciting adventure.

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