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    Three Colors: White

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    Three Colors: White

    What's it About

    When his beautiful wife Dominique (Delpy) leaves him after six months due to post-wedding impotency, Polish hairdresser Karol Karol (Zamachowski) returns to his native country — not without difficulty, of course — in the suitcase of a friend. Once there, he hatches a crazed plan to make big money and lure back his disillusioned bride. Or is it revenge he's after?

    Why we love it

    The second film in Polish expatriate Kieslowski's "Three Colors" trilogy (comprising "Red," "White," and "Blue," after the French flag) takes a cheeky look at post-communist Eastern Europe through the eyes of a scheming striver. The bitingly clever premise is brought to life by Delpy's seductive Dominique and Kieslowski regular Zamachowski, who portrays the penniless Karol with equal bits of raffish charm and Chaplin-esque awkwardness. Say oui to "White."

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