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The World Before Your Feet

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The World Before Your Feet Poster





The World Before Your Feet

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What's it About

Matt Green is an affable, well-educated man in his thirties who eschews a traditional profession, becoming a full-time wanderer. It’s a low-paying job but endlessly rewarding, and it keeps you in shape. Having already trekked cross-country from New York to Oregon, he sets the goal of walking every street in New York City. It’s a big town, and he’s still at it seven years later. 

Why we love it

This engaging portrait of a man who walks to the beat of his own drum works largely thanks to Green, the beating heart of this film, along with the colorful New York City characters and neighborhoods he encounters across all five boroughs. Watch for that brief interview with Matt’s parents, who scratch their heads at their son’s unconventional path. But there’s admiration too, since Matt is doing what he loves, making it work, and better still, sharing it with the rest of us. Don’t miss this warm, winning film.