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    The World of Henry Orient

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    The World of Henry Orient

    What's it About

    Two New York City private school girls (Spaeth and Walker) develop a mad crush on the title character, a second-rate concert pianist and frustrated ladies' man (Sellers). They decide to stalk the poor fellow, foiling his meticulously planned assignations with Stella (Prentiss), his already skittish paramour. What's a keen (but often inept) Lothario to do under such circumstances?

    Why we love it

    George Roy Hill’s divine sleeper comedy boasts beautiful Manhattan scenery, and a plot that deftly blends comedy and drama (the screenplay was by Nunnally Johson and his daugher, Nora). Sellers is brilliant as the hapless Henry, and non-pro juveniles Spaeth and Walker give refreshingly natural performances. Lansbury provides the dramatic counterweight as one mother you’ll love to hate. This charmer also features a memorable Elmer Bernstein score. Don’t pass up this hidden gem.