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The Wages of Fear

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The Wages of Fear

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What's it About

Four down-on-their-luck men in a remote South American town are hired for about the most dangerous mission imaginable: dividing into pairs, they must each transport a truckload of highly explosive nitroglycerin across three hundred miles of rugged terrain. A sort of primal, perverse competition ensues as the two sets of drivers, attempt the impossible, knowing that at the next bump in the road, any or all of them could be blown sky-high.

Why we love it

A gut-wrenching tale from master of suspense Henri-Georges Clouzot, "Wages" is also an intense meditation on just how far dispossessed human beings will go for money, if desperate enough. The young Montand is positively magnetic in his first dramatic role as one of the four men. The film won the Grand Prize at Cannes, and actor Vanel, who plays another driver, was also singled out for his work. Fasten your seat belts, and get ready for a tense ride.

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