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The Teachers' Lounge

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The Teachers' Lounge

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What's it About

Carla Nowak (Benesch) is a new teacher at a German school that’s experiencing a wave of thefts. Frustrated senior teachers pressure the students to name the culprit, offending Carla’s sense of fairness. In an impulsive moment, she sets her own computer to record the teachers’ lounge and discovers who’s responsible. When she shows her video to the principal (Zummich), a cascade of factors and events upend lives, escalate tension in the school, and eventually threaten Carla’s own sanity.

Why we love it

Director Catak’s unnerving thriller tracks one idealistic but inexperienced teacher’s descent into a vicious cycle of rumor, misinformation and resentment. Benetsch’s Carla tries to keep it together as she finds herself under suspicion, if not attack, from all sides: teachers, parents, and students. We sympathize with her, but also recognize her blind spots. Both office manager Friedrike (Lobau) and her son Oscar (Stettnisch) are fabulous as the two people most directly impacted by Carla’s video. Oscar-nominated for Best International Feature, Catak’s nuanced, chilling film will linger in your memory.