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The Square

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The Square

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What's it About

Covering tumultuous events in Egypt between 2011-2013, director Noujaim and crew are on the ground as protesters occupy the Square in the heart of Cairo to protest against Hosni Mubarak’s repressive regime. The euphoria of early success (Mubarak stepping down) yields to frustration when nothing changes under his successor, Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim. But the activists in the Square won’t give up their quest for human rights.

Why we love it

This astonishing Oscar-nominated doc puts us right in the center of all the foment that triggered the “Arab Spring”. Director Noujaim puts a human lens on this movement, profiling several committed revolutionaries, like the working-class Hassan and Muslim Ashour, whose loyalties get tested when the Muslim Brotherhood undermines the cause to seize power for themselves. “The Square” captures the anger of broken promises, but leaves no doubt these citizens will persevere due to one simple truth: achieving fundamental reforms takes time, and lots of it.