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The Square

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The Square

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What's it About

Ray Yale (Roberts), a married construction worker, is unhappy with his mundane life. He becomes locked in a passionate affair with his beautiful neighbor Carla (van der Boom); before long, the two are making plans to run off together. The pair hatch a scheme to make it possible: Carla will grab a bag of cash which she saw her lowlife spouse hide in their attic, then Ray will arrange to torch their house so the husband never knows it's gone. Of course, things go horribly awry. It isn't long before the couple's dreams recede as the impact of their deeds close in on them.

Why we love it

Few films are worthy of mention alongside the Coen brothers' legendary debut, "Blood Simple," but this tight, edgy thriller earns that comparison. This multiple Australian Film Institute Award-nominee features a perfect noir setup, as a foolhardy pair of adulterers come up with an airtight” plan for escape to a better life. It then becomes a perverse pleasure to watch their plot unravel. Director Edgerton's breathless pacing and a stand-out performance from Roberts help make "The Square"” a particularly wild and satisfying ride, reaffirming that noir done right will always resonate.