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    The Secrets

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    The Secrets

    What's it About

    The daughter of a prominent orthodox rabbi, Naomi (Bukstein) was raised to be obedient, submissive, and devout. Still, when her mother dies, her father allows her to delay an arranged marriage by a year so she can attend a Jewish Seminary. There, a desire for independence and self-discovery is awakened. Naomi is further inspired by her roommate, the intoxicatingly free-spirited and rebellious Michelle (Shtamler), particularly after the two are given the task of caring for Anouk (Ardant), a mysterious foreigner who seeks out religion to cleanse herself of a troubling past.

    Why we love it

    An evocative look at love, identity, and religion, "Secrets" tackles the extremely controversial topic of homosexuality within Orthodox Judaism with the care and sensitivity it deserves. Rather than taking an overtly political stance, Nesher lets his well-drawn characters tell the story. Bukstein and Shtamler perfectly capture the spirit of hopeful excitement felt by girls becoming women, as well as the conflicting, tumultuous feelings that occur when forbidden love, discovery, and duty all collide. The "Secret" is out: Nesher’s film is an elegant, deeply felt drama.