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The Party Poster
Released Runtime Category
1968 99 Comedy
Director Language
Blake Edwards English
Peter Sellers, Claudine Longet

The Party

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What's it About

A fat-cat Hollywood producer decides to throw a splashy dinner party ("Anyone who's anyone will be there!"), and as bad luck would have it, Indian-born actor Hrundi Bakshi (Sellers) mistakenly makes it onto the guest list. Though Bakshi knows few of his fellow guests, they will certainly get to know him before the night is over.

Why we love it

Sellers inhabits another accident-prone character in his continuing partnership with Blake Edwards. Bakshi is a gentle person, but his innocent curiosity about his surroundings (or is it bewilderment?) manages to wreak havoc most everywhere he goes. Though detractors claim the comic momentum flags by picture's end, Sellers's brilliant characterization and some sublime set-pieces make this worthy viewing. In particular, what transpires when the guests are first seated for dinner may be one of the funniest sequences ever captured on film. In addition, French actress Longet is adorable as the party's prettiest guest, who befriends Bakshi. Don't miss this riotous sixties bash!

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