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The Overnighters Poster
Released Runtime Category
2014 101 Documentary
Director Language
Jesse Moss English
Jay Reinke, Alan Mezo, Keegan Edwards, Keith Graves, Andrea Reinke

The Overnighters

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What's it About

With hydraulic fracking becoming more prevalent in America, North Dakota experiences an influx of migrants looking for work in the oil-rich fields. In the small town of Williston, Lutheran pastor Jay Reinke deals with the crisis in the most Christian way possible, housing these men in his church and sometimes even in his own home. But as his town deals with the socio-economic impact of the workers, he finds that not all of his parishioners share his selfless spirit.

Why we love it

Shooting in 2012 and 2013, Moss worked alone, gaining the trust of Reinke and his supportive family with his fly-on-the-wall camera technique. Reinke himself comes across as a caring but dangerously naive do-gooder at risk both from the men he harbors and the community itself. As Moss follows the central story, another more personal one emerges, and the documentary takes on tragic proportions. In capturing the Steinbeckian predicament of the migrants, Moss forces us to question our own sense of compassion. He also explores the potentially agonizing challenge of facing one’s true self.

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