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The Nun's Story

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The Nun's Story

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What's it About

Devout, kind-hearted Belgian girl Gabrielle (Hepburn) takes vows and becomes Sister Luke, a nun who achieves her dream of working in the Belgian Congo and ministering to the infirm, yet not without difficulties of conscience. Dr. Fortunati (Finch), a gifted surgeon who senses Luke's inner struggle to meet her spiritual commitment, is a challenging presence. But the outbreak of war presents Sister Luke with an even bigger crisis of faith.

Why we love it

Zinnemann's "Story" showcases the luminous Hepburn in her prime, while contemplating hardship, devotion, and a very special kind of self-realization. A literate, nuanced drama with size, scope and color, the film boasts superb location photography and uniformly fine performances, both from the young leads and two English Dames in support: namely, Edith Evans and Peggy Ashcroft, playing senior nuns who guide Sister Luke along her often thorny path. Based on Kathryn Hulme's autobiographical novel, "Story" is an affecting, heartfelt epic of inner struggle.