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    The Nutty Professor

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    The Nutty Professor

    What's it About

    Bright but nerdy chemistry professor Julius Kelp (Lewis) formulates a potion that transforms him into smooth ladies' man Buddy Love. Through this transformation, Kelp gets a whole new lease on life; but it proves difficult to keep his two identities separate, as the professor can't tell when the effects of his formula are going to wear off. Eventually, he must resolve just who he wants to be.

    Why we love it

    Widely regarded as Lewis's best solo film, this broadly comic take on the Jekyll and Hyde story is an ideal springboard for Jerry's zany comic persona and routines. Stella Stevens is suitably cute as the professors prize pupil who falls under Buddy's spell. Superior to the Eddie Murphy re-make, this is consistently diverting, wacky entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike. Go, Buddy!

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