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The Little Mermaid

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What's it About

After saving the life of dashing human Prince Eric (Barnes), mischievous mermaid Ariel (Benson) is forbidden by her father, Triton (Mars), to journey again to the world above the sea. Crushed — and in love — Ariel strikes a dangerous bargain with Ursula (Carroll), an evil underwater hag, to whom she exchanges her gorgeous siren's voice for a pair of human legs. Only a kiss from Eric will save her from belonging to Ursula forever, and the hourglass is running.

Why we love it

A triumphant return to the hand-drawn Disney classics of old, the effervescent “Mermaid” is a sparkling mix of superb voice acting, energetic animation, and a highly infectious songbook, all loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen story. As voiced by Sam Wright, Sebastian the Crab is a particularly inspired entry in the studios canon of irresistible helpmates, while Ashman and Menken songs like “Kiss the Girl” and the Oscar-winning “Under the Sea” will have you humming to the beach and back. “Mermaid” is a fun, intoxicating Atlantic fantasia for every size minnow in your splash-happy household.

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