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The King and I

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The King and I

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What's it About

In the mid-1860s, The King of Siam (Brynner) finds himself with many children to educate and care for, so he hires Anna (Kerr), an English governess, for the position. What he does not anticipate is her firm and independent approach to the job, which creates tension — and then sparks — between lady and monarch.

Why we love it

This triumphant screen adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Broadway play turned Yul Brynner into a star. The sets and costumes are breathtaking, the story touching, and each song in the lilting score still enchants. Deborah Kerr makes a perfect Anna (with help from Marni Nixon, who dubbed her singing voice), a woman strong enough to stand up to — and perhaps love — a king. This movie will sparkle eternally.