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The Killing of Sister George Poster
Released Runtime Category
1968 140 Drama, Romance, Gay-themed
Director Language
Robert Aldrich English
Beryl Reid, Susannah York, Coral Browne, Ronald Fraser

The Killing of Sister George

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What's it About

Alcoholic lesbian June Buckridge (Reid) plays a popular, sugar-sweet character, Sister George, on a TV soap opera. But her off-hour drunken binges and on-set flare-ups have prompted execs to kill off her role. When June’s powerful nemesis at the BBC, Mercy Croft (Browne), sets her sights on June’s younger, live-in lover, Alice (York), the insanely jealous actress loses all self-control.

Why we love it

A pitch black comedy from Robert Aldrich, better known for macho films like “The Dirty Dozen” and “Kiss Me Deadly,” this acidic off-kilter farce revolves around Reid’s riveting performance as an unrepentantly boozy lesbian. Dour, witty, and crazed in equal measure, the film earned an unnecessary X rating in its time due to its frank depiction of homosexuality. Today, it shows a director at the peak of his powers, taking on material one could have imagined Blake Edwards handling. Buy “George!”

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