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The Interview

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What's it About

Eddie Fleming (Weaving) is about to start his morning when the police unexpectedly crash through his door. Soon he finds himself under intense interrogation from flinty Det. Sgt. John Steele (Martin). The law's interest in Eddie is ambiguous at first, but as the questioning continues, we learn that he may be involved in a car theft, and perhaps even a string of abductions. The plot really thickens when we learn that Steele himself may be under investigation. Soon it's unclear just who's the cat, and who's the mouse.

Why we love it

This stark, tense thriller from Australia is an overlooked gem worth discovering. Weaving's subtle evolution from innocent everyman to potential serial killer is masterfully executed, and his shifty suspect's intelligence is fully matched by Martin's tough, wily Det. Steele. It's a gripping contest of wills, but what really elevates the proceedings are the complications Monahan introduces outside the interrogation room which tilt the playing field in unexpected directions and make this "Interview" a crackling good puzzler.

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