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    The Florida Project

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    The Florida Project

    What's it About

    In a shabby motel across from Walt Disney World in Florida, six year old Moonee (Prince) lives with her irresponsible young mother Halley (Vinaite). Moonee runs amok during the days while her mother hawks perfume to unsuspecting tourists and runs various scams. The kind-hearted motel manager (Dafoe) watches over Moonee and her ragtag team of friends, but he can only do so much to help as Halley turns to prostitution to pay the rent.

    Why we love it

    American independent filmmaker Baker follows up the success of “Tangerine” with this haunting, closely observed portrait of people living on the fringe of society. Newcomers Prince and Vinaite (whom Baker discovered on Instagram) are terrifyingly raw; Moonee’s plight is palpable despite her mother’s fierce love. Dafoe’s sympathetic performance was rewarded with an Oscar nomination, but it’s the actresses and their searing truth that remain burned on the memory. This view of Florida is no vacation, but still well worth the trip.