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    The Favourite

    What's it About

    In the early 18th Century, Queen Anne (Colman) sits on the throne of England, in ill health and of weak mind. She is administered to by Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough (Weisz) who basically rules in her stead while tending to her physical needs.  When the plucky, wildly ambitious Abigail Hill (Stone) arrives in court, she plots to rise through the ranks to replace Sarah as the queen’s most trusted adviser.

    Why we love it

    Greek director Lanthimos’s third English language film (nominated for ten Oscars) is a pitch black, scabrously funny satire of aristocracy and power-hungry usurpers. With its bold visual language and anachronistic soundscape, this baroque period piece skewers the conventions of fusty historical dramas with its backstabbing debauchery and sexual politicking. The whole cast is a delight, but Colman’s Oscar winning turn as the mercurial monarch is a stand out. Let “The Favourite” win your favor.