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The Father of My Children

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The Father of My Children

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What's it About

We first meet Gregoire (Lencquesaing), a harried independent film producer, as he rushes through the streets of Paris while fielding a seemingly endless series of cellphone conversations about the state of his current productions. Things aren't going well for his small company, and his insistence on working with difficult, visionary, and decidedly uncommercial talents isn't likely to improve his financial prospects any time soon. One day, when he seems on the verge of losing everything he's worked for, he decides to take drastic action, one that will leave his wife Sylvie (Caselli) and children to pick up the pieces.

Why we love it

This tale of a workaholic producer on the skids achieves a rare poignancy. First, we become immersed in Gregoire's harried world, and sense his growing panic as his business starts to atrophy; then the film moves gracefully into the impact of his self-destruction on his loving family, who of course are the ultimate victims. Stunning performances abound, most especially from the senior de Lencquesaing as Gregoire, Caselli as his long-suffering spouse, and rising ingenue Alice de Lencquesaing, Louis-Do's daughter on-screen and off, whose character exudes a quiet dignity that belies her young age. Don't miss this one.

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