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The Eleanor Roosevelt Story

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The Eleanor Roosevelt Story

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What's it About

Scripted by Archibald MacLeish, this film tribute does full justice to the extraordinary life and legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt. It traces her gradual transformation from neglected, ugly duckling child to our nation’s most socially involved and influential First Lady. Both at her husband's side and after his death, we see just how and why she became a humanist and stateswoman of worldwide renown.

Why we love it

Reverent yet revealing, this celebrated documentary still has the power to touch and inspire. Few stories better illustrate how a human being can overcome early hardships and discover their own best selves, very often by serving others. An absolute must-see title for viewers young and old, “Story” won an Oscar and was also named Best Picture by the National Board of Review. Whatever you may think of Eleanor’s politics and priorities, it is hard to deny all she did for her country, particularly after watching this film.