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    The Eagle Huntress

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    The Eagle Huntress

    What's it About

    A nomadic Kazakh family spends summer months herding on the Mongolian steppe at the foot of the Altai mountains. Thirteen year-old Aisholpan dreams of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming an eagle hunter. Capturing her own eaglet, she trains it to come at the sound of her voice and hunt foxes. Despite the resistance from some elders, she hopes to compete in a local golden eagle competition, becoming the first female to do so.

    Why we love it

    Director Bell traveled to one of the most remote places on earth to seek out Aisholpan and tell her story. Luckily her father agreed, and Bell found himself filming the dizzying descent down to the eagle’s nest with just his cinematographer and a Go-Pro. Stunning photography in the harsh, winter landscape highlights the fierce beauty of the eagle hunt. Fueled by Aisholpan’s tradition-defying confidence, Bell has turned a dramatic slice of reality into a breathtaking, suspense-filled narrative.  Soar with this “Huntress”!