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The Double Life of Veronique

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What's it About

This enigmatic fable tells the story of two physically identical women, Polish choir singer Veronika (Jacob) and French music teacher Veronique (also played by Jacob), who are born on the same day and live strangely parallel lives, though they never meet. Somehow the fate of one seems to affect that of the other, but we never come to understand quite how or why. Welcome to the fascinating cinematic world of Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Why we love it

Kieslowski's lush and lovely film is a poetic rumination on the mysteries of identity, featuring an impressive double performance by Irene Jacob, star of the director's "Red." Though told separately, the stories of these two women are really as much about intuitive communication and shared emotional bonds as they are intimate little portraits of life. Despite leaving some plot details to float freely in our imagination, Kieslowski won international acclaim for this haunting film, which benefits from its mystical vibe and velvet-rich cinematography.

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