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The Double Hour

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The Double Hour

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What's it About

Former cop Guido (Timi) works as a security guard at an opulent country estate. During an evening of speed-dating, he hits it off with Sonia (Rappoport), a Slovenian immigrant who works as a chamber maid in a Turin hotel. They begin dating and start to fall in love, but a trip to the country takes a tragic turn and Guido is killed. Sonia recovers in the hospital, but is plagued with strange memories and haunting images of Guido. Did he really die, or is Sonia losing her mind?

Why we love it

Music video director Capotondi's first feature skillfully mixes romance with chilling suspense and ominous psychodrama. Indeed, "Hour" effectively evokes Hitchcock with its cool twists and subtly played themes of random violence and paranoia. Rappoport is bewitching as the wistful Sonia, whose placid exterior may veil hidden motives — a true Hitchcockian blonde. Timi turns in a powerful, appropriately macho performance as well. Among the supporting cast, di Mauro stands out as a cop friend of Guido who becomes suspicious of Sonia. Don't let another "Hour" pass — check out this taut Italian puzzler.