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    The Day of the Jackal

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    The Day of the Jackal

    What's it About

    The Jackal (Fox), the most mysterious of assassins, is hired to eliminate French President de Gaulle (Cayla-Legrand). Security around the aging statesman is exceedingly tight, so this job will be the killer's most challenging assignment, requiring meticulous planning and impenetrable disguises. Meanwhile, French official Lebel (Lonsdale) is hot on his trail, but has difficulty convincing the French government of the imminent danger.

    Why we love it

    Veteran director Zinnemann ("From Here to Eternity," "Julia") brings Frederick Forsyth's bestseller to vivid life, expertly moving this dense, suspenseful yarn towards a breathtaking climax. Conveying a cunning, colorless anonymity, Fox is perfectly cast in the title role, and distinguished French actor Lonsdale is equally compelling as his dogged hunter. Boasting near-perfect pacing and strong international flavor, this is one "Day" you won't soon forget.