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The Crimson Pirate

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The Crimson Pirate

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What's it About

Captain Vallo (Lancaster) — the most energetic and cunning of 18th century pirates — seizes a cache of ammunition from a Spanish ship and decides to sell it to the rebels of Spain. An agent from Spain then offers Vallo a sizable bribe if he agrees to snatch the rebel leader instead. The pirate is torn between his love of money, and a nagging sense of honor which draws him to the rebels' side.

Why we love it

Lancaster's showbiz start as an acrobat is on full display in this kinetic, vibrant, and spirited adventure; both his grace in motion and youthful charisma dazzle. Eva Bartok makes a fetching love interest, and Burt's old acrobat pal Nick Cravat is on hand playing Vallo's mute sidekick (the studio wouldn't let him speak on-screen because of his thick New York accent). Cravat matches the young star's impressive moves, if not his million-watt smile. Also look for Christopher Lee and Dana Wynter in minor roles. Lots of action and color fill this sweeping picture, which is certain to enthrall grown-ups and children alike. Set sail with "The Crimson Pirate"!

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