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    The Cow

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    The Cow Poster





    The Cow

    What's it About

    For Hassan (Entezami), who resides an a remote village in Iran, nothing is more important than his cow, since he relies on the animal for his own sustenance. When the cow dies under mysterious circumstances while he's away, Hassan is so distraught by the loss that he begins to suffer a delusion that affects him spiritually and bodily.  

    Why we love it

    Simple yet powerfully moving, Mehrjui's fable examines the intimate link between a humble peasant and his beloved bovine companion. Taking some cues from the Italian neo-realists, Mehrjui allows his story to unfold slowly and gracefully, with delicate attention to the fading lifeways of a rural community. Petty rivalries and primitive suspicions lay the groundwork for a fantastical finale you won't soon forget. Don't miss this watershed in Iranian cinema.