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    The Court Jester

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    The Court Jester

    What's it About

    In merrie old medieval England, an obscure entertainer named Hawkins (Kaye) ends up masquerading as the King's new jester, and in this influential position, finds himself mixed up in the intrigues of one Sir Ravenheart (Rathbone), a trusted court adviser who has designs on the throne. The plot only gets more comically intricate from there, but who cares when you're laughing so hard?

    Why we love it

    The irrepressible Danny Kaye was gifted comic actor who not only touched and entertained millions of children, but at his best, brought out the child in all of us. A hilarious spoof on the swashbuckler picture, "Jester" is widely regarded as his finest hour on-screen. Rathbone does his usual villainous turn to perfection, and the young Glynis Johns makes a bewitching love interest. And who can forget that justifiably famous "Vessel with the Pestle" routine? A hilarious spoof on the swashbuckler picture, "The Court Jester" is widely regarded as his finest screen hour. With lots of color, action and excitement framing the immortal gags, this is family entertainment at its best.

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