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The Commitments

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The Commitments

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What's it About

A group of young working-class Dubliners share a passion for American soul music, and pull together a band to perform their favorite hits. And guess what — they're good! The band's leader Jimmy Rabbitte (Arkins) hosts most of the rehearsals and jam sessions at his parent's house. Jimmy's loving, tolerant family looks somewhat bewildered at all the raucous noise and activity, and Dad (Meaney) will tell anyone who'll listen (or can hear) that he still only has ears for Elvis.

Why we love it

Director Parker has crafted an exuberant, funny, feel-good musical comedy that pretty hard to resist. Granted, you have to listen attentively to get all the dialogue through all the thick Irish accents and colloquialisms, but you'll still be able to share the prevailing spirit of fun and good cheer. When the music starts, all the barriers come down, as the group pulls off toe-tapping renditions of some immortal R classics. The band audition scenes alone are priceless. Commit yourself to this winning film!